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02 Oct 2018 16:32

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Perfect for both oily margin-right:auto;' src="http://mogador-organic. While it first claimed fame as a savior for dry, damaged hair, the oil also works wonders on the face and body.Make your makeup glow: For a dewy, luminous glow, try mixing in a drop of argan oil skin treatment oil to your foundation, liquid bronzer, or tinted moisturizer before you apply it. Finding that pure" argan oil isn't an easy job. Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil. Naturally textured hair suffers from more dryness than straight hair and many naturals say that is their biggest complaint.Deep conditioning hair mask: Combine some precious drops of argan oil with your favorite DIY hair mask ingredients ( this lovely recipe calls for coconut oil, shea butter, and a few drops of essential oil) for an added boost of moisture. Add a few drops of argan oil as a special ingredient to your store-bought mask. Our Argan Beauty Oil penetrates skin to plump skin without leaving a greasy feeling. Hailing from Morocco, Argan oil has long been a favourite with the beauty brigade for its skin, hair and nail nourishing properties.Argan oil contains sterols (phytosterols), which lend anti-aging benefits by promoting new collagen production that is lost from sun exposure and aging. Argan oil is amazing for acne prone skin and few drops of this oil can be directly applied to problem skin area for best result. Elise's Morocco trip sparked an obsession with natural beauty products, so she brought ingredients back to San Francisco and began experimenting with her own formulas. He gave me a bottle as a gift and I was immediately amazed with how it moisturized, hydrated and softened my skin, body and hair in the Marrakech heat.Apricot Kernel Oil is extracted from apricot kernels contains Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids. Argan oils should not be too thick, and at the same time, they shouldn't be too light. This product from Agadir brand is available in a combo money saver deal with Agadir Argan Oil Daily Shampoo + Conditioner set, each of 12. If you've been using argan oil for several weeks, however, and see no changes in the condition you're trying to treat, you can make an appointment to see your healthcare professional.It also helps moisturize dry or brittle nails. Argan oil has a unique composition with an more than 200% tocopherols (Vitamin E) than olive oil and has very high levels of fatty acids. Argan oil (the oil extracted from the fruit of Morocco's argan tree) has been popping up in our shampoos, body butters and facial masks, with manufacturers pointing to its endless hydrating and healing properties.Argan oil can also be used to repair and moisturize your nails and cuticles. To enjoy the anti-aging benefits of argan oil, simply massage a few drops into your face and neck for 5 minutes daily before going to bed. Great for your itchy scalp, it is an all-around product for skin and hair health. Argan Plus Wonder Oil contains the perfect blend of exotic, natural oils to quickly enhance the overall beauty of your body.

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